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Quality Rooms, Families & Residences at Affordable Rates

Homestay/Residence placement services catered for potential students arriving to Toronto/Vancouver.
Choose your home from our filtered list that aligns the best with your needs!


We provide accomodation services to students and other individuals who are looking for homestay, room, or a private residence.
If you are a potential guest looking for this type of accomodation, or a host to provide such services, please sign up to our network.

Why My Room Canada?
Recommended for University / College Students
  • Types: Shared / Private / Bachelor studio / One bedroom apt. / Penthouse.
  • Great, centered, near public transport locations.
  • Opportunity to socialize with other students (different/same campus, programs etc).

  • Benefits
  • Great socializing opportunities with peers.
  • Adapting to autonomous lifestyle.
  • Close proximity of daily-life needs.
  • Advantages of an apartment without the hardships.
Recommended for High School / Elementary School Students
  • Types: Shared / Private.
  • Great way to practice English.
  • Caring families & adult supervision (custodianship).

  • Benefits
  • Home cooked meals
  • Cozy family environment.
  • “Home” feeling which makes the adaptation process smooth.
  • Learn how the culture works.
  • Observe the local way of living.

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